March 2002

Kary and his brothers and Mom and Dad just came back from San Diego / TJ, Mexico and Burzinski’s clinic and MD Anderson in Houston, TX.

We ended up renting an RV and driving the entire trip…5,500 miles in 11 days! What an adventure. Kary and his brothers had fun, though and Kary was able to obtain some alternative treatments during the trip.  We also took a plane ride over the Grand Canyon…which was amazing!  And kinda scary at the same timeā€¦

The purpose of the trip was to explore other options than what we are currently doing in conventional and alternative medicine.

We received some very upsetting news from the MRI that Kary had on Tuesday. His primary tumor and 2 others very near his primary tumor have grown considerably and the spreading has increased throughout his brain and spine.

We ask that for your prayers stronger than ever!

We are going to be attending Burzinski’s clinic next week and hopefully start the end of next week on Antineoplastins — a natural treatment for containing cancer from further spread.

Thanks to all of you for your support!

In Christ’s Love,
The Young’s — Mike, Lisa, Kary, Kaelin and Kade

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